Cu Powders; an explanation of the purity and size on the price list

The ISE price list of the Copper Powders can be confusing as there are many sizes, many different purity samples, and various units of measurement. This is absolutely not all of the samples on the list, but the most important ones are here.

At a first sight when you see a copper powders somewhere for sale, for example on Alibaba, you think how all the Copper Powders are the same and you’re probably wondering how you can find cheap copper powders. You’re right, you can, but on this price list, with our short clarifications, you can easily see how huge the price range can be based on purity and sizes, as well as on some other important factors like isotope composition, a form of the particles and so on.

For example, Sample 1 on this list is Copper Powder which is used for mass use in industry, with “only” 99,0% purity cost 102 EUR per 1 kg, what means how 1 gram cost 0,102 EUR. On the other hand, the last Sample on the price list is nano cupowder, the purest and smallest in size, which 1 gram cost 2,170 EUR. This means how this nano Copper Powder is 21,274 more expensive than Sample 1. Incredible, right!? Well, it is for a reason and we were explained why here.

After you check this price list and our analysis, you will understand easily how there is a huge difference in price in a small difference in size and purity. But, that “small difference” caries the value, the huge one.

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