Why high purity nano Copper Powder is so expensive!?

Like most nanomaterials, ultra-fine copper powder is extremely expensive due the cost of materials, but even more to the very complex production. That’s how high purity nano copper powder is one of the most expensive elements in the world.

In order to produce only 1 gram of the nano copper powder 99,99+% up to 99,9999% purity producers need from 100 up to 250 kg of copper, along with lote more solutions, catalists and additives. In order to obtain a copper powder which can be used for aerospace industry and space programs, also for medical purposes, the particle size must not be larger than 1 µm/1000 NM. basically, the production cost depens on quantity, but it’s hardly possible to procude 1 gram below $1,000.

The most expensive part of this process, however, is the equipment required to manufacture it. Go to ISE (Institute of rare earth and strategic metals) and read how complex production process is. The process described on ISE is registered with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. Inc. Tokyo, Japan.

On the other hand, there is so many producers who can produce copper powder up to (3N) ‘only’ 99,0% or even 99,9% purity and that copper powder cost $5,00 per 1 gram, or even per 1 kg. Also, such a copper powder mostly have size from 2 or 5µm to 8µm (2000 or 5000 NM to 8000 NM). It could be nano as well, like 100 or 200 nm, but with such a purity like 99,0% up to 99,9% still costs aprox $5 to $20 per 1 gram or per 1 kg. Surrprised? Yes, we were as well in the beginning until we didn’t made a detailed research about high purity nano Copper Powders and found out all the facts. Take a look at our purity and size explanation on the price list.

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